Pre 17 Driver Training.

You donít have to wait until you are 17 to learn the basics.
I can provide instruction to 16 year olds on the purpose built
practice road network at the Devon Driversí Centre, Westpoint,
Exeter. The 1.3Km network includes; gradients for hill starts
and clutch control practice, a traffic light controlled junction,
Pelican and Zebra crossings, a mini roundabout and Stop
and Give Way line marked junctions. This safe and legal
training environment allows young drivers to gain valuable
experience of basic car control, steering and junction
procedures before they go out on the public roads.

No prior experience is needed or assumed. These sessions
can be approached either as a one-off “fun” learning
experience (ideal as a Birthday or Christmas gift package),
or as a first stepping stone to learning to drive when the
driver turns 17.

These three hour sessions cover transfers to and from
the venue, up to two hours practical one-to-one instruction
in the dual controlled vehicle, a certificate to mark the
experience and other guides and information for the
driver to keep.

Under 17s

You donít have to be 17 to learn
to drive. Get ahead of the pack by learning with me from the age of 16 in the safe and legal environment
of the The Devon Driversí Centre
off-road circuit at Westpoint
in Exeter. For more info click here.

Refresher Courses

Haven’t driven in a while? Lack confidence? Maybe haven’t driven since you passed your test? If you are feeling a little rusty then a refresher course may be just what you need to address those niggling doubts and boost your confidence.

Intensive Courses

If you wish to learn to drive quickly,
I can arrange one or two weeks of intensive training tailor-made to
suit your needs. Advance notice is required to ensure diary availability.

Pass Plus

Designed to improve the skills of newly qualified drivers, this course covers motorway, town and rural driving, together with all weather and night driving. It can also save on insurance costs.